Microsoft’s new Surface Hub brings pen customization to the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has released a Surface Hub app this weekend to improve the functionality of the stylus on the Surface Pro 3. After updating the pen firmware earlier this week, Microsoft’s Surface Hub brings two customization options that Surface Pro 3 owners have been asking for: custom pressure sensitivity and button control.

The pen pressure sensitivity control is rather basic in the app, but the uniform line will satisfy those who feel the pen requires too much register. However, Surface Pro 3 owners who want lower pressure sensitivity may feel disappointed with the basic settings, as Surface Pro Artist notes that the resulting curve isn’t shallow enough. For most Surface Pro 3 users these basic settings should be enough to give you a little extra flexibility for inking apps like Fresh Paint.

Unfortunately, button customization is rather basic in the Surface Hub too. You can only set the pen top button to open OneNote desktop or OneNote Windows 8-style apps, and there’s no option to customize the side buttons. Microsoft is planning to add that in future, but for now you’re stuck with the basic customization of the top button. If you’re a regular OneNote user then it’s probably worth keeping the default Windows 8-style setting, as the double tap (top of pen) to screen grab doesn’t appear to work well with the desktop version of OneNote.

25 Inspiring Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

Silhouette by Pommel Lane

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20 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently


Albert Einstein once said,

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Creativity can mean the difference between something good and something extraordinary. People who are creative tend to see things in a slightly different way, and may stick out from the crowd. (In a good way!) Whether you express your creativity through problem solving, design, or even how you dress, you can count on these 20 things being among your traits:

1. They think before they speak.

Creativity can sometimes just flow out of a person without warning or even any means of stopping it. But what makes highly creative people so different is that they learn to control their creativity. Thinking about how a creative idea applies to a certain situation and analyzing the effect it could have is what makes creative people unique. Harnessing their creativity is key.

2. They’re risk takers.

Not much creativity goes on in a box; that’s why thinking outside of it is so important. Creative people don’t limit themselves and go out on a limb to test their ideas.

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