25 Inspiring Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

Silhouette by Pommel Lane

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20 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently


Albert Einstein once said,

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Creativity can mean the difference between something good and something extraordinary. People who are creative tend to see things in a slightly different way, and may stick out from the crowd. (In a good way!) Whether you express your creativity through problem solving, design, or even how you dress, you can count on these 20 things being among your traits:

1. They think before they speak.

Creativity can sometimes just flow out of a person without warning or even any means of stopping it. But what makes highly creative people so different is that they learn to control their creativity. Thinking about how a creative idea applies to a certain situation and analyzing the effect it could have is what makes creative people unique. Harnessing their creativity is key.

2. They’re risk takers.

Not much creativity goes on in a box; that’s why thinking outside of it is so important. Creative people don’t limit themselves and go out on a limb to test their ideas.

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20 Extremely Popular Dribbble Freebies to Download



Chirp.js is a jQuery-less, lightweight twitter javascript plugin with templates and client side caching. Great freebie for web designers!

Chirp js

UI Fonts

This one took a while to put together by the designer but finally the UI Fonts are now available at UI8! Free pack attached. It’s easy to use, just install the font, type a keyword and see how it magically turns into an icon.

UI Fonts

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30 Responsive Portfolios For Your Inspiration

The creatives have found responsive technology to be a great advantage in portfolio design. If you haven’t refactored your portfolio for the responsive world, that’s something you need to look into, pronto. Already, many designers use their own portfolios to experiment with responsive design. Here are 30 of the best examples of responsive portfolios.

Andy Taylor

Ryan Johnson

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